What We Do Is A Calling

Our calling is to bring joy and uninhibited fun into people’s lives through our craft—a craft honed over thousands of hours playing in the home we call Nashville, Tennessee. Through what we do, we all, for just a moment, can escape those daily trials and tribulations, and together creating a moment you’ll never forget.

We Just Happen to Do This Playing Music

By assembling some of the best musicians Nashville has to offer, we’re dedicated to making these moments possible for the nearly 3 million people who visit Nashville every year. Sometimes, though, your chance of a lifetime can’t happen in Nashville. Well…now Nashville can come to you.

Made In Nashville Entertainment takes the guess work out of making your party the best anyone’s experienced. We do this by bringing to you musicians practiced at the art of throwing a Nashville party because they do it every day. No more rolling the dice and hoping for the best with the biggest event you or your company is having. Free yourself from the norm. It’s time for your escape, your party, your time.